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The Top 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Retractable Security Grille For Your Business

It may be a sad reflection on modern society, but retractable security grilles for business and commercial premises are becoming more and more of a requirement. Security has always been an issue, but burglary-related crime has risen over the last few years. The current pandemic has also seen a spike, with many more premises currently closed.

The team at Eastern Security Doors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in retail and business security. They can offer advice on a wide range of options, helping customers to make the right choice for the security of their premises. Let’s take a look at three things to consider when choosing a retractable security grille.

retractable security grilles for your business

Retractable Security Grilles – The Top 3 Things to Consider

1. Security With Style

The managers of locations such as car parks, loading bays and warehouses tend not to be overly concerned with the appearance of their premises. This generally tends to be functional, and will be reflected in their choice of security measures. An upmarket café or high-end shop, on the other hand, will require something more aesthetically pleasing. The exterior facade of many retail premises is key to attracting customers inside. Retractable security grilles designed purely with function in mind can sometimes diminish this aspect of a building. The good news is, Eastern Security Doors can offer grilles in a wide range of styles and colours. This will prevent your prestigious premises from looking like an industrial unit.

2. Will it Fit?

Business premises come in all shapes and sizes. The front of your building may be curved or have unusual structural features. With bespoke, made to measure grilles from a company like Eastern Security Doors, these potential problems can be overcome. An interior security grille is sometimes a good way to protect your business where the shape of a shop front may present issues with installation. While an interior grille will not protect a shop window, it will provide a strong deterrent against vandalism and attempts at theft.

3. Choosing The Right Team

For any kind of installation it’s good to know that the people carrying out the work are good at what they do. Ideally you need people with in depth knowledge, and the experience to solve any problems that may arise. The highly trained team of installers at Eastern Security Doors understand that your business needs to keep running. The job will be completed as quickly as possible and disruption will be kept to a minimum. The company’s efficient after sales service is always there to ensure that any issues are dealt with swiftly and to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

Other Things to Think About

Budget is an important consideration. Any business owner will be on the lookout for a competitive price, but won’t want to compromise on quality. The benefit of choosing a company like Eastern Security doors is that a good price and satisfaction are guaranteed. Insurance companies favour clients who take security issues seriously, as they are less likely to have to pay out following a break in. A security grille is a great way to persuade your insurer to offer you a reduction. The other most important thing to bear in mind is the cost to your business of a burglary or damage to your premises. An efficient security grille offers not only protection, but also peace of mind.

Contact the friendly team at Eastern Security Doors for advice on your specific security requirements and a competitive quote.

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