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Burglary remains a serious threat to businesses with around 10% ranking it as their second most significant security issue according to the 2021 Retail Crime Survey by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), the Trade Association for British retailers, and a reliable barometer of the state of play for crime affecting retail.  With the cost of crime also rising to a record high, prevention is the watchword. This article looks at ways in which security grilles for windows can provide an important, cost effective, and practical deterrent.

Security grilles for windows in a retail environment

Security Grilles For Windows – Low Cost, High Reward.

Security window grilles provide an affordable, strong security barrier, when compared to other high tech computerised systems making them particularly attractive to small businesses with stretched finances. By affecting a good level of deterrent, the highest specification security grilles can also play a role in reducing a business’s insurance premiums.

Creates A Visible Deterrent.

Intruders look for easy targets, such as broken locks or open windows, therefore the more business owners can do to make access to their property as difficult as possible the better. Security grilles are very visible to any would be intruder and plant a seed in criminal minds that any attempt to break in will be difficult and slow, increasing their chances of being caught in the act.

Security grilles are usually installed behind windows so any criminal would have to break the glass before tackling the sturdy grille barrier – no mean feat considering this is normally tempered glass designed not to break easily.

Secured By Design.

Retractable or folding grille designs made from aluminium or steel, have varying degrees of security depending on the manufacturer’s model with the highest levels independently tested and approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to LPS1175. This is the Secured by Design specification preferred by the police. Many are enhanced by multi-point locking systems from a single key and have tamper-proof designs with built-in resistance to many of the tools of the trade of would-be criminals, such as electric drills, hacksaws, and other power tools.

Good For Business.

Professionally fitted designs in either single or double sash configuration, support a business’s commercial aspirations, with the all-important storefront image a major consideration. There are various designs. These include cross ‘X’ or ‘S’ lattice, concertina, linear, or vertical shapes – Useful choices as the type of grille you can install needs to complement the store’s facade and deliver a professional appearance to attract customers. Most high-grade steel options come in a neutral white as standard and can be powder coated in other RAL colours to suit your brand.

The visibility of window displayed products is also maintained with excellent through-vision. Even when they’re extended and locked, their purpose is to continue to provide a shop window for your products after closing.

Practical welfare benefits also play a part in securing your property during day or night-time working hours, providing ventilation, say in warm conditions, for customers and staff, or by letting through natural light, so shoppers aren’t dissuaded to enter and enquire about your products and services.

Your bottom line can benefit from keeping the business environment comfortable, safe, and secure.

Creating A Secure Barrier For Decades To Come.

Despite grilles being installed both internally and externally of the window, corrosion isn’t a problem, with continued security maintained over decades of use. Naturally, aluminium options aren’t affected by this and for steel, resistance is provided by galvanisation and/or powder coating.

Fire Safety   

The need to maintain a means of escape in case of fire should not be overlooked. It’s vital that any installation can be opened quickly and easily in the event of an emergency. Retractable security grilles are ideal for securing designated fire escapes. They can be unlocked and retracted back to leave enough space for a rapid and safe exit, and if locked, a key can be kept in a break glass next to the fire escape.   

When it comes to security grilles for windows, there are many security benefits which make them an excellent choice for businesses. If you’re looking for a high-quality product to secure your premises, contact Eastern Security Doors today on 0800 048 0780. We’ll be happy to provide a free site survey and quote, and we can even take care of any building or alterations work that might be required. For further information or advice, please don’t hesitate to send us a message, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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