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Protecting your physical assets is important, but with the well-being of your employees, one thing is clear: security and safety is non-negotiable. When considering security doors as a way to contribute positively to these critical criteria of running a company or organisation, judgement cannot just focus on compliance; it’s about taking proactive steps towards protecting your business and people.

A key aim should be to understand the level of security required.

One size doesn’t fit all.

Evaluating performance levels versus risk is paramount when considering security doors. At a low level, a personnel door, for example, can have a modicum of designed-in security, whilst more robust designs serve as a critical barrier against unauthorised access. Either way their effectiveness is directly tied to their performance levels. An assessment of performance factors, such as material durability, locking mechanisms, and resistance to forced entry, alongside the intended modus operandi, is imperative. It’s because overly robust security measures are unnecessary for low-risk areas, whilst conversely, inadequate security measures in high-risk settings pose a significant threat. Therefore, a thorough understanding of specific requirements is key to the mitigation of potential risks.

Doors and their different security levels

By no means exhaustive, the following examples of security doors show the varying levels of security with some pointers towards their application and best practice:

Personnel Doors

The very best personnel door-sets designed for internal and external traffic have mechanically interlocked leaf skins to provide good stability and protection against material separation. Designs like these, that maintain good condition, have a higher security threshold than options without these types of features.

Panic Exit Doors

Emergency exit doors can also offer enhanced security performance for entry and exit. Look for door ironmongery made of high grade materials such as Grade 13 stainless steel and twin bearing hinges with integral high security dog bolts fitted as standard. Some of the top manufacturers also offer thermal protection developed to comply with efficiency targets specified by Part L of the updated Building Regulations.

Police standards

For door sets certified to standards set by the Police initiative to improve the security of buildings, look for PAS 24 certification and options fitted with an integrated astragal for added security. These can also include additional reinforcement in the form of a ‘Hexatex’ core.

Level 1 and 2 security doors (SR1 and 2)

SR1 and SR2 door-sets are designed for use in locations requiring enhanced protection, typically leisure facilities, schools and universities, and retail. Look for bespoke solutions with reinforced frames, hinges, lock keeps and fixing points.

Level 3 security doors (SR3)

Level 3 security doors can be single and double entry. They typically offer enhanced protection of retail outlets, cash rooms, warehouses, and utility sub stations. Seek out ranges certified to LPS1175 SR3 and fitted with doubled hinges for additional strength. These can also have anti leverage cover strips to the closing edge of door leaf, and are Secured by Design approved.

SR4 security

Level 4 security doors are accredited to offer a high level of security against potential attacks from heavy duty tools such as felling axes and disc grinders these are typically used in high-security installations, such as the Ministry of Defence, banks, schools, utility buildings, sub-stations and Home Office approved gun rooms. Look for products that are certified to LPS1175 SR4 and fitted with extreme heavy-duty hinges with integral dog bolts.

Specialist security doors

For scenarios where sustained attacks are prevalent bespoke options can include even tougher remedies. These types of ‘Attack-solid’ doors combine extremely robust security technologies and are fitted with high security hardware as standard to present a formidable barrier to unwanted intruders.

Drawing upon extensive professional expertise, Eastern Security Doors is dedicated to enhancing the safety and security of your premises. Specialising in top-tier brands, we provide a range of products, including steel security doors, shutters, grilles, fire doors, and fire curtains. Our commitment is to deliver customised doors of the utmost quality, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Benefit from our FREE consultation and site survey to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your needs. Our highly skilled team guarantees the installation of your security door to the highest standards.

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