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The Versatility of Intumescent Louvre Doors: Enhancing Safety and Aesthetics

Intumescent louvre doors are a popular choice in buildings and structures where fire safety, security and ventilation is a necessity. Eastern Security Doors explores their applications, use of filters for fire safety, and adherence to UK fire rating regulations.

Their application in secure areas requiring ventilation includes:

Commercial Spaces

Shopping centres, airports, office buildings, data centres, sterile areas, and food preparation spaces – The louvre design allows for optimal airflow while maintaining a level of privacy and security.

Industrial Facilities

Intumescent louvre doors, with robust construction, are well-suited for use in manufacturing plants, warehouses, substations, and utility rooms. The louvre design enables ventilation, essential for controlling temperature and maintaining air quality.

Residential Spaces

In residential flats with shared facilities such as bin stores, kitchens, and utility areas they can be installed to provide effective screening, security, and odour control.

Use of Intumescent Filters

Intumescent material that expands when exposed to heat, creates a protective barrier, sealing the grilles. They are triggered when exposed to high temperatures around 70oC. Fires can become compartmentalised to prevent the spread of smoke and flames, helping to preserve building structures and allowing safe time for occupants to evacuate.

Compliance with Fire Safety Standards

In the United Kingdom, fire safety regulations are outlined to ensure the protection of lives and property. Understanding and complying with these regulations is essential when installing fire rated doors.

Key points to consider include:

Fire Resistance:

Intumescent louvre doors should meet specific UK fire resistance criteria in accordance with BS476 Parts 20/22. The rating determines how long the door can withstand fire exposure while maintaining its structural integrity and can have varying levels of performance tested up to 120 minutes. They are also available with a PAS 24: 2016 security rating.

Installation by Professionals:

To guarantee compliance with UK fire rating regulations, it is advisable to have them installed by qualified professionals. Proper installation ensures that the doors function as intended in case of a fire emergency. A good consult, supply and fit professional will check a number of factors that support the structural integrity of the door and its surroundings. These include:

  • Checks against the percentage of free airflow through any given panel size (depending on whether an insect or bird mesh has been incorporated this can be up to 50% or more)
  • The quality and type of material used for the frame, louvre blades, and door panels
  • Assurances that they have been independently tested and certified to meet building regulation standards.


These types of doors combine functionality with aesthetics, making them a versatile choice. When integrated with intumescent filters and installed in accordance with UK fire rating regulations, they provide an added layer of safety, making them an excellent investment to secure built environments with potentially hazardous areas where airflow is important.

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