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A storage facility for land management and farming equipment required an upgrade to its security door system.

  • Installation of high-quality door, frame, and locking systems was necessary to enhance security and regulate authorised access.
  • Expert consultation facilitated the identification of specific requirements and expedited product selection.

The Challenge

A pedestrian entrance was needed to enhance one of its isolated facilities by installing a personnel door equipped with a high security digilock and triple locking system. The retrofit installation aimed to achieve:

  • Better management of authorised personnel entry and exit
  • Protection of stored land-working assets and occupants from harsh weather conditions at a remote site
  • Enhanced security during non-operational hours

The Solution

A custom-made corrosion-resistant high-tensile steel door significantly upgraded and secured personnel access to both the office and equipment storage area.

The selection of products emphasised ease of installation and superior quality finish, resulting in reduced installation time and costs. The door, engineered with neoprene seals for weatherproofing and tested for wind loads up to 98 mph, ensures durability and protection against external elements.

Furthermore, the installation of an IP65 rated weather-proofed digital locking system, coupled with a triple-point locking mechanism, bolstered security measures, minimising wear caused by regular use and preventing unauthorised access. The door was also powder-coated to enhance rust resistance and align with the organisation’s branding.

Prior to installation, Eastern Security Doors conducted a site visit to assess the project requirements, identify potential challenges, and propose practical solutions.

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