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The Vital Role of Fire Doors

In the realm of fire safety, one element stands out as a fundamental contributor to safety: the fire door. Where stringent regulations govern building safety, the purpose of a fire

Natural Path to Security

A storage facility for land management and farming equipment required an upgrade to its security door system. Installation of high-quality door, frame, and locking systems was necessary to enhance security

Deciphering the Traits of Fire-Resistant Steel Doors

To answer a key question, ‘Are all steel doors fire rated?’, depends on their composition and design. In essence, fire-rated doors act as a barrier to contain smoke and fire

The Versatility of Intumescent Louvre Doors: Enhancing Safety and Aesthetics

The Versatility of Intumescent Louvre Doors: Enhancing Safety and Aesthetics Intumescent louvre doors are a popular choice in buildings and structures where fire safety, security and ventilation is a necessity.

Does your facility have the right level of protection?

Protecting your physical assets is important, but with the well-being of your employees, one thing is clear: security and safety is non-negotiable. When considering security doors as a way to

Do Window Grilles Add Security?

Burglary remains a serious threat to businesses with around 10% ranking it as their second most significant security issue according to the 2021 Retail Crime Survey by the British Retail Consortium

Can You Put a Door in a Roller Shutter?

Roller shutters not only deliver a high level of security for your business, but you can also gain heat, sound and cold Protection. But what if you want to have

Is it Better to Have Window Grills Inside or Outside?

  There are pros and cons to having window grills inside or outside your home or business. Ultimately, the position of your window grills comes down to personal preference and

Which Types of Doors are Best for Security?

There are many ways to protect your property against opportunistic and organised criminals, but one of the most effective measures is securing your building’s access points.  With so many different

Are Window Shutters Good for Security?

There are many different types of window security shutters, and not all of them are built primarily for security. Traditional and plantation shutters are designed to provide maximum control over

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