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Steel Security Doors: Which One Fits Your Needs Best?

A security door is essential to safeguarding assets, personnel, and sensitive information. Whether you’re running a retail store, an office, a warehouse, or any other type of business, they are an essential component of a security strategy. Additionally, they may be required to meet industry regulations or insurance criteria, making them a necessary investment for declaring a secure and compliant environment.

They will not only protect against theft and damage but also from poor weather. You can install steel doors with features such as access panels for more protection and enhanced, robust locks. You can also have them powder coated to fit the look of your workplace. So how much protection can be provided?

Types of Solutions

By no means exhaustive, the following shows varying levels of security and their applications:

PAS24 – Panic Exit Steel Door

Emergency exit doors offer enhanced security performance for internal and external use to enable entry and exit.


Certified to standards set by the Police initiative to improve the security of buildings.


Single and double security-rated steel door-sets designed for use in locations requiring enhanced protection, typically leisure facilities, schools and universities, and retail.


Single and double security-rated steel door-sets for the enhanced protection of typically retail outlets, cash rooms, warehouses and utility sub stations.


Accredited to offer a high level of security against potential attacks from heavy duty tools such as felling axes and disc grinders. Typically used in high-security installations, such as the Ministry of Defence, banks, schools, utility buildings, sub-stations and Home Office approved gun rooms.

PAS 24 is a standard of testing to measure the performance of door sets against different levels of security risk. We strongly advise that you only invest in doors that meet this standard to ensure the quality of the product and its ability to provide a certain level of security. Look out for the BSI logo and the PAS 24: 2022 mark.

Steel Security Doors

Types of Premises

Steel security doors can provide protection in the following ways:

  • Offices and Factories – Risk to your workplace can come from crime, disasters or fires. Security doors ensure your staff and data remain safe.
  • Shops, Restaurants and Bars – Steel doors will protect your stock from theft or damage. It can also protect employees from harm should a threat emerge.
  • Private Homes – Any home can be at risk of theft, invasion or natural disasters. Therefore, installing security doors will add more safety for your home.
  • Vacant Lots – Even empty premises need defending from intruders or potential risks. Steel doors will ensure the protection of your premises.

Whatever property you need to protect, steel security doors will ensure their safety.

Benefits of Steel Security Doors

Risks can come from many sources. Steel security doors will add benefits in the following ways:

  • Crime – Probably the biggest risk that security doors protect against is theft and damage from intruders. Steel doors will allow you to control who can access your premises.
  • Fire – Most security doors are made of toughened steel. Therefore, they can provide a barrier that protects the inside of your premises from fire. In addition, steel doors can help prevent the spread of fire to other areas.
  • Weather – Rain, wind and other poor weather can damage your property if they find a way in. Security doors provide extra barriers so that bad weather will not harm your premises.
  • Energy Efficient – Security doors provide the added benefit of keeping temperatures stable throughout the year. This can make fuel costs much lower. We can also put in air vents for better ventilation.
  • Aesthetics – We can customise steel doors to reflect the style and colour scheme of your property.

About Eastern Security Doors

With years of professional experience Eastern Security Doors will help make your premises safe and secure. We deal in steel security doors, shutters and grilles from top brands. Our team will ensure you receive the highest quality customised doors based on your needs. We offer free consultations and site surveys. Our highly trained team will install your security door to the highest standard at the most competitive rates. We also undertake building alterations and door widening services where needed.

To find out more about what we offer, speak to our head office or one of our regional offices. We can be contacted either online or by phone.

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