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There are many ways to protect your property against opportunistic and organised criminals, but one of the most effective measures is securing your building’s access points. 

With so many different options available on the market – each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks – we’ve focused this article on the three main types: steel doors, security shutters, and grilles. We explain the importance of quality in reducing security risk.

Quality v Risk

When selecting security doors, striking the right balance between quality and risk is paramount. Prioritising durable materials, robust locking systems, and rigorous testing will ensure they fit your purpose making any investment worthwhile. Overlooking risk can be equally detrimental. Matching door types to differing levels of protection requires careful assessment of a facility’s needs and threats, without compromising the aesthetics and function of the property and people within.

Steel Security Doors

Steel security doors, also known as personnel, panic exit or emergency doors, are often used in combination with other types of access solutions, such as security shutters or grilles. Designed for internal and external use, the best providers deliver a choice of hardware, frame, and panel options, that are bespoke with multiple upgrades. Door leafs are thick (as a minimum look for at least 44 mm), with interlocked skins bonded together to provide stability and protection against de-lamination. Furthermore, they are fitted with an integrated astragal. Frame designs also have security built-in using high tensile ‘Rustec’ steel, for extra durability and to resist corrosion. For additional peace of mind door sets certified to LPS 1175 have been tested to recognised loss prevention standards. They provide increasing levels of protection, from SR1 to SR4 according to need, depending on what your risk tolerance needs to be. They can also deliver efficiencies in staff movement with useful technologies such as DigiPads and electronic access control systems. At the lowest level of security they include strengthened hinges, anti-leverage features, and are Secured by Design approved. These are ideal for leisure facilities, schools, and retail outlets. At the higher level, the doors are made to resist attack from power tools and are suited to high-security installations, such as MOD facilities, banks, utility buildings, sub-stations and Home Office approved gun rooms. Moreover, the quality v risk notion is supported by tailored options where security goes even further. Should a facility suffer from sustained, repeated attacks, door types can be installed which have ‘Attack’ design core infills, thick leaf shield protection and options for multiple heavy duty locking points, to further optimise the physical barrier.

Other benefits:

  • Fully compliant with insurance standards
  • Police approved ratings
  • Insulated options
  • Water tightness
  • Acoustically rated
  • RAL and BS colours
  • Manual and electric locking

Security shutters

Security roller shutters deliver high levels of protection against vandalism and theft, complying with insurance company standards. Purpose-built using heavy-duty materials such as aluminium or steel, security shutters can be made to fit any size opening. They can also help eliminate draughts, minimise noise from outside and maintain a comfortable temperature within your workplace.

Other benefits:

  • Excellent level of protection against burglary, theft, vandalism and arson
  • Made from heavy-duty materials
  • Can be custom made to fit any size opening
  • Eliminates draughts and noise
  • Airflow ‘Transmissibility’ provides much-needed coolness on a hot summer’s day
  • Police preferred specification
  • Tested and approved to LPS 1175

Top tips:

  1. Look for extruded aluminium profiles as the shaping of the material in this way during manufacture creates additional strength.
  2. Seek out shutters which use double-walled slats, which coil tightly into a compact box, minimising their visual impact.
  3. Besides securing your property, the best shutters provide additional benefits such as insulation and sound proofing, ventilation, or increased advertising space, if you want to promote your business.
  4. Make sure locking is provided automatically from the motor, and for manually operated, from bottom rail key locks or bullet locks to the side guides

Security grilles

Security grilles deliver an unrivalled visual deterrent against crime whilst they’re often used in conjunction with security shutters, especially for retail and industrial businesses. They can be fitted to doors, windows and other openings, both internally and externally, whilst you can choose between manual and electric operation. When closed, security grilles create a physical barrier that makes it very difficult for would-be intruders to enter your property. Another advantage of security grilles is that you can allow natural daylight to flood the room without compromising security.

Other benefits:

  • An excellent visual deterrent
  • Can be fitted to doors, windows and other openings
  • Creates a physical barrier
  • Allows natural light to enter the space

Top tips:

  1. Look for multi-point locking from a single key and locking post option at both ends to provide maximum flexibility of operation
  2. For added durability a galvanised/powder coated option is best for corrosion resistance
  3. Consider clear walk through options where the bottom track folds up for additional security and safety

As you can see, each type of solution has its own set of unique advantages in terms of security, appearance, privacy, functionality and performance. By taking the time to understand the different options available and the security effect they have when balancing quality versus risk, you can make an informed decision, selecting the very best for your building people requirements.

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